Happening Now: Sweetland on Ice 2020

Sweetland on Ice 2020

Ready to set skate on the rink? A staple of LaGrange winter life, Sweetland on Ice 2020 has swallowed the Sweetland Amphitheatre for the remainder of the season. Slip on your skates—and take to the ice!

What is Sweetland on Ice?

Sweetland on Ice 2020 is a nearly winter-long event that features a 5,500 square foot semi-enclosed, open-air ice skating rink on the Great Lawn at Sweetland Amphitheatre. Skating on the ice rink started Dec. 6, 2019 and runs through Feb. 17, 2020, closing on Presidents’ Day.

Perfect for an icy getaway with the family or a first date, Sweetland on Ice 2020 offers a chance to skate, take in the sights, or simply settle down for a bit. The rink is accompanied by a spectator section with heaters as well as concession stands.

Tickets and Pricing

The holidays may have passed us by, but winter is still in full swing. Enjoy the wonders of this winter play place at Sweetland on Ice 2020 while it’s still ongoing for the season.

To ice skate and rent a pair of skates, the bill is $12. Ice skating by itself costs only $6. You’ll have two full hours on the rink per ticket purchase.

Once skates are turned in, another ticket will need to be purchased to enjoy the rink again. At times, the rink will be cleared for routine cleanup or for pre-determined programming based on the day and time.


An afternoon (or more) at the rink will round out the rest of your winter season. Join in on the fun by skating at Sweetland on Ice 2020. Bring some friends or someone special—it’ll be an occasion to remember!

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