Local Spotlight: The Thread Trail in LaGrange

The Thread Trail in LaGrange

We all need a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life—especially during the holidays. Find your respite in nature when you visit The Thread Trail in LaGrange, GA this season.

What is The Thread Trail?

The Thread Trail in LaGrange is part of a non-profit project, which aims to let us all spend more time outside. After all, it’s good for us—and it feels good too. Plus, there will be more to come in the following years, as the project is still in progress. In total, the trail is slated to have 26 miles of trails to walk through.

What can I do at The Thread Trail?

You’re in for a terrific time at the Thread Trail. Visitors can enjoy their trip with activities like:

  • Biking;
  • Walking;
  • Riding a scooter;
  • Taking your leashed dog for a stroll; and
  • Running.

Want to support The Thread Trail? You can always make a tax-deductible membership donation here. You can also find gifts on their online shop!

Visiting Details

You can find The Thread Trail throughout LaGrange, GA, with multiple locations town. See a map here to find the spot closest to you. Trail hours are from dawn to dusk, each and every day. Admission is free for all, with free parking available as well.

Safety Reminders

Safety is important—for all of us! Please, remember to keep an eye on yourself—and your surroundings at The Thread Trail. You should also consider wearing a mask. Finally, please remember to stay six feet or farther from those not in your household. Thank you for looking out for the LaGrange community!


Nature offers a reset button on our everyday lives. Strolling, biking, jogging, and more—you can find refuge in the great outdoors at The Thread Trail in LaGrange, GA. Have a fun trip—and a very happy holiday season!

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