In the News: Solar Power at LaGrange Walmart Locations

Solar Power at LaGrange Walmart Locations

The sun is shining on our town. It will also help keep our city running! How? You can thank solar power at LaGrange Walmart locations for that. Read on to learn where you can spot this cool technology—and to find out about the incredible impact it will bring to our community as well.

More on Local Solar Power Partnering with LaGrange Walmart

Our town already owns solar power in conjunction with the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (also known as MEAG). We’ve purchased it from a solar development. In turn, LaGrange can sell that energy to power customers throughout our city. The newest customer? Walmart!

As it turns out, the company wants to pursue a more sustainable way of doing business. They even want to transition fully to using renewable energy by 2035.

So, it makes sense that they went through negotiations with LaGrange, GA and MEAG during December. Even better, our whole town will reap the benefits of this partnership!

How can the use of solar power improve our town?

The sun doesn’t just power buildings now. It also revs up our local economy! Because LaGrange can sell solar power energy to Walmart, it can also generate revenue from the exchange. And yes—it helps lower local taxes, like property taxes, too. That’s a win for everyone!

Which Walmart locations will be using solar power?

Three different Walmart locations will be using solar power, as a result of this new contract. They are:

  • The Walmart Distribution Center, located on Callaway Church Road;
  • The Walmart Supercenter on New Franklin Road; and
  • The Walmart Neighborhood Market on LaFayette Parkway.

Why is solar power so important?

Sustainable living can set the stage for a healthy, happy planet. One of the most effective ways to make that possible is renewable power—like solar energy. Not only does it take minimal work to generate solar energy, but it also comes from a resource that’s been going strong for millions of years: our sun.


We’re almost a full month into 2021—and it sure looks like we’ve stepped into the future. With the help of solar power at LaGrange Walmart locations, our town can start off a sustainable new year. Next time you go shopping, see if you can spot the panels!

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