Things to Do: Visit the Biblical History Center

visit the Biblical History Center

Those of us born prior to the year 2000 can already say that we’ve experienced two different millennia! Now, we can extend that claim back even farther when we visit the Biblical History Center in LaGrange, GA. No time machine needed!

More on the Biblical History Center

Traveling through time is as simple as taking a trip to the Biblical History Center. Not to mention, you don’t even have to leave town! This local archeological museum opened back in 2006, with help from the Callaway Foundation.

Its focus rests on life in Ancient Israel. Ultimately, it allows visitors to understand how people in Biblical times ate, worked, and worshipped. The museum also distinguishes itself from other spots of learning by offering hands-on exhibits. So, you aren’t just finding out facts—you also immerse yourself in a whole new time.

What can I do at the Biblical History Center?

At the Biblical History Center, you will feel like you’ve wandered into Ancient Israel. Guests can experience:

  • Checking out the Biblical Artifacts Gallery;
  • Encountering large-scale replicas, like shepherd’s tents and a village;
  • Going on an archeological dig;
  • Making bread;
  • Eating contemporary four-course meals;
  • Attending rotating yearly events, like the Empty Tomb Tour;
  • And more.

The Empty Tomb Tour

The Easter Bunny can often take over the holiday. However, you can experience Easter as it first unfolded at the Empty Tomb Tour. Experience a walk through a tomb—much like the empty one that showcased the miracle of Easter—each Tuesday through April 3. Don’t forget to make a reservation!

Visiting Details

You can visit the Biblical History Center Tuesdays through Saturdays. Its hours run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. As for the address, plug in 130 Gordon Commercial Dr. in LaGrange, GA on your GPS.

Self-guided tours cost $13.15 for children aged 6 to 12 and $18.25 for those aged 13 or older. You must reserve guided tours in advance. They cost $17.12 for children aged 6 to 12 and $22.50 for those aged 13 or older. Note that attending other programs may cost extra. You can order your tickets straight from their website.

Prefer to stay home this season? The Biblical History Museum is a non-profit and it could use your help! If you feel moved to give, make a donation here.

Safety Reminders

Throughout time, we have all worked hard to protect our community. Unlike the past, though, we now understand how certain diseases function—and how to defeat them. Please, remember to wear a mask! You should also practice social distancing at all times. Both of these guidelines are required for entry.

The museum also recommends that you check your temperature prior to entry. They will record all guest’s temperatures with a thermometer of their own as well.

Thank you for looking out for all of your neighbors in LaGrange, GA!


The science hasn’t yet made it possible to actually return to the past. Considering how many people have loved to visit the Biblical History Center, we don’t mind the alternative one bit! If you’ve grown tired of 2021, see them for an escape into ancient times.

Once you return to the present, you can settle into your cozy home sweet home. Still searching for the right apartment? View our floor plans and application info here. For more ideas on what to do around LaGrange, GA, check out our blog!