5 Art Galleries in LaGrange, Georgia

art galleries in LaGrange, Georgia

We all crave a little beauty in our lives. Well, you don’t have to travel far to see impressive works. In fact, you can visit any one of these art galleries in LaGrange, Georgia—or you can make it a point to see them all. Not to mention, you may come home with a new piece!

Annie Greene Arts Gallery

  • About: Artist Annie Greene has a gallery in town! There, you can see a variety of her creations in mediums like paint and yarn. Or, if you want to try your hand, she also offers yarn art lessons!
  • Location: 712 Pyracantha Drive
  • Website: Click here.

809 Gallery of Art

  • About: Get inspired with collections from artists like Chris Hagebak and Isabel Petrus at the 809 Gallery of Art. You can also perfect your craft—or learn to do something new—with their affordable art classes. Previous lessons have included mediums like pottery, textile art, and drawings. They even have classes tailored to children!
  • Location: 809 Hill St.
  • Website: Click here.

Cochran Gallery

  • About: Next up on our list of art galleries in LaGrange, Georgia: the Cochran Gallery. Missy and Wes Cochran first started putting their collection together in the 1970s. You can see the amazing pieces they’ve acquired, like pieces from Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol, or even attend gallery openings of new collections!
  • Location: 4 E. Lafayette Square
  • Website: Click here.

Lamar Dodd Art Center

  • About: LaGrange College, a local four-year university, has its own art museum: the Lamar Dodd Art Center. With 32,000-square-feet of exhibits, it holds a lot to see, such as creations by Salvador Dali, Rembrandt, its namesake Lamar Dodd, and more.
  • Hours: Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Location: 310 Panther Way
  • Website: Click here.

LaGrange Art Museum

  • About: More than 100 years ago, this historic building once stood as a prison. In the modern day, though, it has a brighter purpose as a hub for the arts. Admission is free for all—so let them welcome you with open arms. At the Museum, you can view works from currently-exhibiting artist Robin Holder, go to workshops, or attend classes.
  • Hours: Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m., and closed Sunday and Monday
  • Location: 112 Lafayette Parkway
  • Website: Click here.


The arts connect us all! From revealing the good in the world to inspiring us to make our community a better place, everyone can grow closer together at these art galleries in LaGrange, Georgia. Plus, if you want to redecorate your Whispering Pines apartment, you can find just the ticket along the way. Or at least, you’ll capture some inspiration!

Speaking of inspiration—do you feel like moving? If so, let us welcome you to Whispering Pines!  You can get to know our community—and apply online—on our site. Finally, for more on all things LaGrange, check out our blog here.