Things to Do: Visit the Wild Animal Safari

visit the Wild Animal Safari

Here at Whispering Pines Apartment Homes in LaGrange, fun is never far away! So, if you’re looking for something perfect to do for everyone in the family that’s not far away, visit the Wild Animal Safari.

About the Wild Animal Safari 

Just south of LaGrange in Pine Mountain is the Wild Animal Safari. This family-friendly attraction is a 300-acre park, bringing you closer to wildlife from all over the world.

Whether you choose to rent a safari vehicle or drive your own, you will get up close and personal with more than 75 different animal species. And if you have any questions, the Wild Animal Safari conservation team and education staff are happy to talk!

More about the Wild Animal Safari

What’s more? When you visit the Wild Animal Safari, you will travel down a 3.5-mile trail and get the chance to see a variety of exotic animals along the way. Plus, if you purchase a bag of food at the shop, you can feed the animals!

But that’s not all! At this park, you can also discover more nature and wild creatures by exploring the Walkabout Adventure Zoo. The Walkabout Adventure Zoo is a zoo-like walking park that features lions, tigers, peacocks, monkeys and more.

In addition, you can also partake in an exclusive experience meeting and interacting with some of the specious with the park’s Animal Encounters.

Admission and location

So, grab your slobber rags and safari hats—it’s time to visit the Wild Animal Safari. Located at 1300 Oak Grove Road in Pine Mountain, this quick adventure is less than 30 minutes from Whispering Pines Apartment Homes!

For admission to the drive-thru, Walkabout Adventure Zoo or any Animal Encounters–you can purchase your tickets online or in person.


And once you’re ready to find your habitat, just like the lions, buffalo and zebras have at the Wild Animal Safari, contact Whispering Pines Apartment Homes—your place to sit back and relax.

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